About Us

What is the TAPS Family?

The TAPS Family is a sub-group from the organization of TAPS, The Atlantic Paranormal Society. The TAPS Family was formed by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson in order to network together other professional paranormal research groups from around the world. TAPS themselves handles hundreds of cases that range between homeowners, business owners, government properties, historical sites, etc.  Due to the sheer volume of clients in need, TAPS realized that by pooling together the resources from other teams, these cases can be handled.

What do the groups get out of this network?

The idea behind the TAPS Family is simple and clear. It was designed to help everyone. It helps the groups that are part of the family by sharing knowledge of past and present cases as well as helping with extra investigators when needed on certain cases. It also enables TAPS to send cases that they receive to these groups in or around their areas. We in no way ask these groups to change anything about themselves. All we ask is that all groups keep cases confidential and only share information within the TAPS Family network. These groups were selected by the members of TAPS for their excellence in handling cases, and their mentality in dealing with such problems.

What do the people we help get from this Network?

In return, the people we help, get the best assistance that can be provided by the most professional group in their area, as well as state of the art equipment to assist them on resolving their situation. They will be assisted by TAPS if needed and only if needed. Our information and phones will be open to these groups for support and anything else that is needed.

What does TAPS get from this Network?

We get a more complete network of information from all the groups that are part of our family. This network of information enables us all to advance and learn so that we can more efficiently and professionally help those in need of our services. TAPS covers cases all over the country and the world. If know of a group that should be part of the TAPS FAMILY please email us and let us know.

I need Help, who should I contact?

If you are looking for assistance, please contact one of our many registered TAPS Family teams located throughout the United States and around the world. Each TAPS Family team is fully qualified to assist you and can be contacted through our site or their own. You can also click here to request help. Should you need additional assistance you can contact our Help Desk.