TAPS Family Team Membership Application

The TAPS Family is an elite network of paranormal investigative teams. To qualify for entry into the TAPS Family, you must meet the following minimum requirements; however, please be advised that meeting these requirements alone does not guarantee entry into the TAPS Family. As part of the application process, we consider a number of other aspects of your team's operation before coming to a decision regarding your status.

Our goal is to create a worldwide network of extraordinary paranormal investigators. If you have questions regarding the TAPS Family, please visit our help desk and submit your questions. If you would like to apply for membership, please see our requirements below.

Minimum Requirements:

1. Your team must have a minimum five (5) years of verifiable service.
2. Your team must have a web presence hosted on an advertisement-free service and not be a social media site. (see additional website considerations below)
3. You must provide two (2) references from prior clients, including full contact information, so that we may speak with them.
4. The founder(s) of your team must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age and have a clean criminal record. All existing members of your team must also have a clean criminal record. Annually, each team will be required to submit a statement confirming that each member of their team is compliant with this criminal background policy.
5. Your team must provide all investigative services at no cost to the client. This includes charges for fuel, supplies, materials, equipment or lodging related to conducting an investigation for a client. You may accept freely-given donations, and may participate and engage in fundraising that supports the operation of your team, or special projects in which your team is involved.
6. Your team must be located in (and must operate within) an area in which we otherwise lack coverage.  Check Coverage Map
7. If your team is rejected for membership, you may not reapply for at least one (1) year.


Team Website Considerations:

In addition to the above requirements, we also take into consideration the quality of your team's website. Your website must be constructed in a client-friendly manner, and provide information that a client typically might require in order to make an informed decision whether to request services of your team. When we examine your website, we look for:

1. Team member profiles, which allow the client to see names and photos, with the ability to read about the members of your team.
2. A visible and easy-to-use mechanism to request help. Examples include: an email link, a contact form, a phone number, or other way for a client to readily contact you.
3. Information about your team's investigative approach (your methodology, the equipment you use during an investigation, etc.).
4. General information regarding the paranormal. Examples include: a glossary, well-written articles regarding paranormal theory or phenomena, tips for dealing with paranormal occurrences, etc.
5. Clean design and simple navigation.

We typically find the following website issues to be disqualifying:

1. Broken links and incomplete (or empty) pages. These are unprofessional and display a lack of organization.
2. Websites requiring registration before clients can view critical pieces of information regarding your team (methodology, contact information, etc.).
3. Overt solicitations for donations or payment of any form, for any reason.
4. Negativity toward other paranormal teams or individuals.
5. Scary imagery, music/sound effects, etc.

We believe these things reinforce certain incorrect perceptions regarding the work we perform and about the paranormal in general. In addition, "scary" websites don't help to allay the fears of clients who are looking to the TAPS Family teams for help. If you are ready to apply, please continue to the links at the bottom of this page. Any team who applies as an extension, chapter or affiliate of an existing TAPS Family Member team must meet the same qualifications and criteria as any new team applying for membership.


Please note: TAPS is so grateful for their fans. We always appreciate their kind and thoughtful support, but want to emphasize that there is no additional consideration given to applications which state that team members are fans of the show "Ghost Hunters". We strongly encourage you to share those comments in our Community, Facebook, or other social media, while instead using the application to highlight the strengths and qualifications your team is offering the TAPS Family.

Membership Application