TAPS Family Coverage Map

You can use our map to find the closest TAPS Family team that can assist in your area. You can type in your street address and/or (city, state, zip code, country) into our search field to find teams closest to your location. The map also allows for you to share your location (Near me) and will search for the closest team(s) within a 100 mile radius of your location. You can drag the radius circle out farther to expand the radius and find additional teams. Hit reset to clear the location and radius data and display all teams on the map.

Please Note: Any case requests made on this site or to teams within the TAPS Family will not be routed to Pilgrim Films and will not be considered for filming an episode of Ghost Hunters. Any cases submitted via this website will be directed to TAPS Family teams ONLY, for the purpose of arranging assistance for clients in their local area.

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